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EVERYDAY PEOPLE authentically represent a nostalgic look at the 70’s, in particular the music of Sly Stone or Sylvester Stewart and his band, Sly and The Family Stone. Sly’s band and music was innovatively unique, one might say ahead of its time. Today, you can still hear the influences Sly’s music later artists such as: Miles Davis, Prince, George Clinton, Earth Wind and Fire, Rick James and Bruno Mars, just to name a few.


EVERYDAY PEOPLE will take you back in both sight and sound, so you can relive the genius of Sly’s music. Performing songs like: "Stand", "Take You Higher", "Everybody is a Star", "Family Affair", "Dance to The Music" and many more. Even today, there are some who still hold the opinion that Sly and the Family Stone was the greatest band ever assembled.

Just as with Sly’s original band, EVERYDAY PEOPLE is multi-cultural, energetic, and rhythmically funky! Comprised of the same components as the original Family Stone, EVERYDAY PEOPLE has both the look and sound as the original band. Here are the performers:


Stanley BrisbonLead Vocal & Keyboard

Stan is a seasoned musician who has performed with many well-known national acts. It is a tall order filling the shoes of a musical genius and dynamic persona of Sylvester Stewart (Sly Stone), but thanks to Stan’s vast musical talent and virtuosity he definitely pulls it off.


Karen Domino WhiteLead & Background Vocal

Karen has many years of experience as a vocalists and entertainer. She is the daughter of the legendary, Fats Domino and has sung with many national and internationally known artists. Karen’s soulful style adds the vocal flavor that is needed to authentically capture the essence of Sly’s sister Rose, who was an important dynamic in Sly’s music.

Keith Jones Bass Guitar & Background Vocal

Keith was a childhood fan of the original bassist, Larry Graham. Keith spent years perfecting his craft and learning the rhythmically funky bass playing style of Larry Graham. Keith’s bass playing captures the true essence of Sly’s music, which is a requirement in keeping the sound authentic. When he sings, “I am gonna add some bottom…” in the song Higher, it’s for real!


Harry BogganLead Guitar

Harry is another talented and gifted musician in the band. He provides all the guitar parts performed by both Sly and his brother Freddy, with great dexterity. He has been influenced by Sly since childhood is perfect for taking on the role of Sly’s brother, Freddy.


Joseph Lockwood Trumpet

Joe is one of the youngest members of the band and is a graduate of music at the College of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. A gifted musician and although young in age, performs with amazing skill and maturity.


Phillip HansenTenor & Soprano Sax

Phil is also one of the young members of the EVERYDAY PEOPLE band. Phil’s playing style and attention to detail helps to bring the tightness that is required for the horn section to best emulate the performance of Cynthia Robinson and Jerry Martini of the original Family Stone. 


Dennis James Drums

Dennis has also grown up having Sly and the Family Stone as a very early heavy influence in his musical development. As both drummer and band leader, Dennis takes both roles seriously, in a quest for the band to be musically tight and visually entertaining.

A Tribute to the music of Sly and the Family Stone


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